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We have collected enough legends about the three sacred numbers 6/45 to fill a storybook, and each staff member of our Restobar interprets the numbers in their own way! 

Therefore, we will keep the history behind the name of the Restobar a secret for now, because we want you to hear it for yourself from our employees and choose the most interesting story to believe!  

Later, you will go on to tell this legend to new guests. So, it won't be surprising at all if you'll be hearing more and more different variations of the legend from our regular guests and friends of the establishment!


Have you ever imagined having breakfast at 8 in the evening or midnight?  

Here you can enjoy the most delicious Russian fried quark pancakes whenever, not just in the mornings!  

You can have a quick brunch, or have a business meeting over some tasty lunch.  

During dinner time at RESTOBAR 6/45, every evening we create a new, special atmosphere for our guests, be it romantic live Jazz performances, the best DJs in town, or a fun interactive game with the guests which, of course, includes prizes!  

Special attention is given to our kitchen menu. Seasonal offerings, special dishes from the chef, delicious desserts, and original, artistic presentation.  

And of course, we also thought about our little guests by making a kids' menu!


This is another one of our great prides!  

The cocktail menu includes a huge selection of classic and original cocktails, as well as exclusive cocktails, the recipes for which were gathered from all around the world.  

Going down the stairs into our establishment, our guests are first greeted by our smiling barmen standing behind the big bar, who are ready to make a drink suited to the every guest's taste and to entertain with interesting legends and stories about the origins of cocktails.   Most of the ingredients - tinctures, liquors, syrups - our barmen develop and prepare themselves, which makes RESTOBAR 6/45 so unique!

Our drink menu also has a wide variety of hard spirits suited to every taste!

RESTOBAR 6/45 was created to showcase the entirely new culture of leisure and to give the opportunity to look at the world of cocktails from a different angle. 

We follow European standards, and this means that quality and ecological sustainability plays a big role for us. Only eco-friendly materials were used in creating the interior, and all of the ingredients in our cocktails and dishes are ecologically clean.

RESTOBAR 6/45 exactly what you need!

Our address: 66, Tole bi street, Almaty

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